GNSS Receivers


GNSS Receiver

Leveraging the latest GNSS technologies, the i70 is a smart receiver of the next
generation. The proven and outstanding performance and reliability make it the
preferred choice of surveyors and construction professionals.
The i70 benefits from a compact ergonomic and rugged design with integrated
sensors (3.75G network modem, UHF Radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and e-bubble).
Supporting a high-resolution LCD, the operating status of the receiver is available
at a glance.


GNSS RTK Receiver

  • The i80 is a highly versatile GNSS receiver designed for high accuracy even in harsh environments. The GNSS core engine is powered by 220 channels which provides outstanding results to any demanding surveying project. The innovative hot swappable batteries, high resolution LCD display and overall integrated design make the i80 indispensable for demanding survey applications.

i90 Pro


  • The i90 Pro GNSS receiver combines the latest CHCNAV’s IMU-RTK technology and the
    compatibility with L-Band corrections services to extend RTK positioning, in any locations.
    Unlike the standard MEMS-based GNSS receivers, the i90 Pro GNSS IMU-RTK combines
    state-of-the-art GNSS RTK engine, a high-end calibration-free IMU sensor and advanced
    GNSS tracking capabilities to dramatically increase RTK availability and reliability.
    The i90 automatic pole-tilt compensation boosts survey and stakeout speed by up to
    20%. Construction and land surveying projects are achieved with high productivity and
    reliability pushing the boundaries of conventional GNSS RTK survey